Wanddecoratie hal

Wall decoration in the hall: it is more important than you think. After all, the hall is the room where you and your guests enter first. It is therefore important that the hall has the right appearance. But which wall decoration should you choose? Nowadays there is so much choice in materials and designs. You can read inspiration for material and styles in this blog!

Step 1: Material selection

A look that fits well with your home. That starts with wall decoration, of course! There are different materials that you can choose from to hang on your wall: 

Framed posters

Nice hall wall decoration is framed posters! Find some nice posters that are an extension of the style of your home and create your own gallery wall. You can get photo wall inspiration here. find. And if you suddenly want to change your style or if you suddenly see other nice posters, you can easily change this. This way your hall has a new look without any effort!


For an exclusive look perspex extremely suitable as hall wall decoration. It has good image quality so that the colors come out sharply and it offers more depth. So to make the wall of your hall look unique, plexiglass is the right choice!


Are you looking for hall wall decoration what lasts for years and what looks stylish? Then a canvas as a wall decoration something for you! It is lightweight and the fibers in the canvas give it a natural look. 
Wall decoration hall

Step 2: Choose a design style

After the choice of materials, it is time to choose the style of your wall decoration. Nowadays there are many different styles, making it difficult to choose a style and how to combine it nicely. What styles are fun to wear as hall wall decoration to use?

• Famous painters

Unfortunately we don't have the money for the original version of well-known paintings, but with the artworks of Famous painters you have come a long way! Find your favorite works of art and hang it up in the hall. Your hall is your own museum! 

 Line Art

Line Art is an emerging trend in hall wall decoration! Are you looking for a minimalist look like hall wall decoration what calms you down as soon as you enter? Then Line Art is for you. You will find our Line Art collection here..

 Cities and Maps

Are you a true lover of your city? Then hang your city or a tourist attraction depicted on the poster, plexiglass or canvas on your wall! In any case, you can proudly show that you love your city. You can find our collections with cities and maps here..
Hallway wall decoration

 Celebrities and Movies

You recognize it: we have all watched a series or movie too many times, so we use quotes in our daily lives and adore the actors. How nice is it to be like hall wall decoration hang this on your wall! With this celebrities collection you hang your favorite celebrities or movies on the wall.

 Submit your own design

At Walljar you can have your own photos printed and framed! Add these photos to your gallery wall to make it even more personal.

Step 3: Hang up hall wall decoration

Now that you've chosen your material, style and prints, it's time to hall wall decoration to hang up! If you have ordered several posters, it is useful to place them on the floor in advance. This way you can fit and measure yourself for a nice layout. Then hang the framed wall decoration, and enjoy your new hall wall decoration!
Wall decoration hall

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