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Are you looking for wall decoration for different spaces in your house† Then this blog is perfect for you! Buying wall decoration can sometimes be difficult if you don't quite know what you want. We have inspiration for you per room in the house. Are you reading along?

Buy wall decoration for the living room

The place you would like to finish first: the living room† Here you come together with family, friends and acquaintances. Then it is nice if this is a cozy space. Make your house a home with wall decoration. On the page of living room inspiration you can also find a step-by-step plan on how you can best work to find your ideal wall decoration.
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Unique wall decoration for the bedroom

In our buy wall decoration for the bedroom you can choose several nice places to hang it: above the bed, standing on a shelf or on the floor or in a cozy corner. look at the bedroom inspiration and maybe there is something for you! 
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Bring your bathroom to life with art

Perhaps this is not the first place you would think of when you hang wall decoration in your home. But also the bathroom may look nice! Hang a plexiglass plate in your bathroom to give this place a nice feeling as well.
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Decorate your kitchen walls with the sweetest wall decoration

A place where you spend a lot of time every day whether you like it or not: the kitchen† How nice is it to fill this place with kitchen wall decoration. These can of course be nice jars and recipe books, but a framed poster can also look nice on a shelf in the kitchen. Buy wall decoration for the kitchen is completely in!
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Be creative with wall decoration in the hall

A place where many first impressions are made and often forgotten: the hall. Buy wall decoration for in the hall can be a fun creative activity. For example, you see that many people hang photo collages near the stairwell, or create a kind of art gallery by hanging several (black and white) photos next to each other. 
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Buy wall decoration for the perfect man cave

Watch movies, play games, have a beer and most of all laugh a lot with friends. The man cave is a special place where many memories are made. All the more reasons to decorate it nicely. Get inspired by the page set up a man cave to watch.Buy wall decoration

Decorating the nursery with cute wall decoration

Perhaps one of the best things to do for your child: the nursery to arrange. Whether this is a cool boys room or a sweet girl's room we have some tips and tricks on the above pages. 
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Wall decoration for the smallest room: the toilet!

Buy wall decoration for in the toilet can be done in several ways:
1. By adding a bit of personality and adding humorous designs (see the example below).
2, By matching the toilet with the rest of your house.

Whichever way you choose, we have a thing or two Toilet wall decoration inspiration waiting for you!
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Motivational wall decoration for your home office

Could you use some motivation when you're working in your boring home office? No problem, then we have the office collection for you Home office to shine. This way everyone can see in your zoom calls that you are indeed working hard when you are at home.
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Buy wall decoration for a specific room is done in no time!

With the above inspiration pages you will have nice walls in every room of your house in no time. For even more inspiration check out our photo walls page have a look.