Wanddecoratie meisjeskamer

Wall decoration girl's room: it is important for girls to have a nice bedroom where they can sleep peacefully, but also where they can play comfortably with a boyfriend, girlfriend, brother or sister. They should be able to lose their own fantasy world in their own room! Wall decoration is very important there, but what is the most fun for girls? Read it in this blog.

Kids collection for the little girls

In kids collection from Walljar will find something nice for every girl! Whether your girl wants sweet and cute or just cool and adventurous wall decoration, there is something for everyone. They are the perfect illustrations so that they have the peace of mind to sleep, but also enjoy looking at them and making up their own fantasy world around it.

Go for wall decoration girl's room on an adventure to a tropical place! A zebra, rhinoceros, monkey, panda a tiger and much more: with the Safari collection, your girl can create her own fantasy world together with the animals!

Wall decoration girl's room

This print with the animal alphabet makes learning the alphabet a lot of fun! In addition to the entire alphabet, we also offer individual letters. For example, you can hang the name of your little one or the initials on the wall. The wall decoration girl's room is cute and functional in this way!

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Wall decoration girl's room

Collections for the teenage girls

In addition to your girl's initials, it is also very nice to hang your child's zodiac sign in the girl's room. This wall decoration will radiate tranquility because of the calm colors! The Mindfulness collection from Walljar is perfect for that. In addition to the constellations, this one is also Moon Star Butterfly poster on the wall!

Wall decoration girl's room

Ohara Koson posters

Plants in the bedroom are nice, but it is of course not useful for the nursery, it can only break. So choose illustrated flowers or plants on the wall. For example, hang the Lotus flower en Water lily by Ohara Koson on the wall. It is art and also looks attractive and cozy!

Wall decoration girl's room

Girls room wall circles

An emerging trend that can be seen more and more are wall circles! It will give the girl's room a refreshing and cozy look. For example, hang the Larkspur III or the Willow by William Morris on!

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Wall decoration girl's room

Personal touch

A gallery wall with your girl's favorite wall decoration will look great in any girl's room. Click here. for photo wall inspiration! In addition, a combination of wall decoration with your own photos can look very nice. In this way the girl's room gets a personal touch! 

If your girl wants to express her own creativity on the wall, her own cork wall is an ideal solution! Here she can store all her photos and self-made works of art. You can read how to make your own cork wall in this blog.

Wall decoration girl's room

The perfect wall decoration for the girl's room!

Wall decoration girl's room: whether you choose to hang wall decoration from the kids collection, the mindfulness collection, a design Ohara Koson or a wall circle, we have something suitable for every girl's room! Go quickly to the website and choose the favorite wall decoration for the girl's room!