Wanddecoratie slaapkamer

De bedroom is a place where you would like to create a relaxed and relaxed environment. It is a place that radiates tranquility, you can do this best by using calm colors on your walls. We show you a number of examples of wall decorations that are perfect for the bedroom and give you tips on where to hang the wall decoration.

Wall decoration bedroom: the most soothing works for the bedroom

Some of our wall decoration collections are perfect for creating a relaxed atmosphere in the bedroom. Below we have highlighted a few:

Forest wall decoration

The ultimate place to completely relax and seclude yourself from the busy life: the forest. How ideal is this to bring back in your bedroom? You will immediately be associated with the wonderful feeling of walking around in the forest. See the whole collection here .
Wall decoration bedroom

Floral wall decoration

Floral wall decoration will brighten up your bedroom immediately. In our category flowers we have flower wall decorations in different colors, types, sizes and materials. Find out if your favorite flower is among them!
Wall decoration bedroom

Mindfulness wall decoration

Working on self-development is a real trend right now, and we don't blame you either. Learning to consciously engage with current experiences is one of the best things you can do to live life positively. That's why we now have a mindfulness collection! Here you can find mindfulness posters of crystals, candles and meditation. Get inspired with this one mindfulness wall decoration!
Wall decoration bedroom

Where do I place the wall decoration?

There are different ways to display your wall decoration in the bedroom. Take a look at the most chosen options:

Above or behind the bed

A nice option for wall decoration is to place a piece of art or wallpaper behind the bed. This way you create more depth in the room. When you hang a painting, you can do this by hanging one eye-catcher, or by making a nice gallery wall.

Tips for posting wall decoration bedroom:

  • Order the wall decoration in the right size: it should take up about 2/3 of the total width of the bed or headboard.
  • Take into account about 20 - 25 cm space between the wall decoration and the bed.
  • When creating a photo wall above the bed, allow 5 - 15 cm of space between the frames.

Wall decoration bedroom

Above the dresser

Do you have a chest of drawers with an empty space above it? Then this is the perfect place to hang your wall decoration. Here you can easily play with different sizes of decoration. You can hang a slightly larger and a slightly smaller painting together for a playful effect.
Wall decoration bedroom

Standing on a shelf or sideboard

In addition to hanging wall decoration in the bedroom, it can also be cool to put the painting on a cupboard. Because the painting is slightly forward, it attracts more attention. 
Wall decoration bedroom

Time to transform your bedroom into a nice place.

With the above tips you can get started to make your bedroom a relaxed place. order your wall decoration bedroom now in our webshop.