Wanddecoratie voor buiten

Do you want to create more atmosphere in your garden or balcony? Then is wall decoration for outside nice to decorate your garden! Whether it's full summer and you are sunbathing with your wine in your hand, or the wonderful rays of the sun show themselves on a winter's day and you can relax outside with a cup of coffee, the best thing to do is when it's nicely decorated outside. is. We tell you which wall decoration is most suitable for outdoor use:

The right material for your garden

Are you looking for wall decoration for outsideThen it is important that you choose the right material. Of course you want your wall decoration to remain in the best possible condition, through rain and wind. We offer 3 different materials of which a poster is not quite the right one wall decoration for outside is. Do you know which materials are suitable? Then read on! 

canvas as wall decoration for outside

Canvas is a material with a stiff and strong texture, traditionally made from hemp fibres. Our canvas is moisture resistant and is therefore the perfect wall decoration for outside! Given the fact that the weather can change considerably in the Netherlands, we do recommend applying a special coating, which protects your wall decoration. Do you go wall decoration for outside order and if you want to have the coating with it, communicate it to us, and we will make sure it is included with your order. 

What you should pay attention to if your canvas is going to hang outside is that canvas does not tolerate the sun well. Therefore, never hang it in full sun, but rather in a place with a lot of shade or under a roof. Nevertheless, canvas is a great material wall decoration for outside. Would you like to read more about our canvas paintings? Click here For more information! 

Plexiglass as wall decoration for outside

In addition to canvas, we also offer plexiglass. This is a material made of plastic, which looks like a transparent, clear plate. Our designs are printed directly on the back of the plexiglass. This provides a smooth and glossy finish, which looks very neat. Because plexiglass can withstand water, it is the perfect wall decoration for outside. Perfect for in the garden or on the wall of your balcony! 
Garden paintingsAre you looking for wall decoration for outside made of high quality material? Then plexiglass is definitely worth considering! Click here for more information about plexiglass. 

The most beautiful wall decoration for outside on a row

Could your garden or balcony use a brightening up, and are you looking for unique wall decoration for outside? We have listed the nicest and best fitting collections for you! 

botanical wall decoration for outside

Something very characteristic about the garden or balcony is plants. Colorful flowers and beautiful green plants, they are almost indispensable! Do you want to create a real botanical atmosphere, or do you just love floral designs? Then is botanical wall decoration for outside definitely worth considering! 

garden poster 

Animals wall decoration for outside

Butterflies, birds, frogs at the pond and countless insects. You can find them all in the garden or on your balcony. Are you crazy about nature and fauna is your thing, then our animal paintings what for you if wall decoration for outside
Animals wall decoration

photographic wall decoration for outside

The garden or balcony are perfect for dreaming away to the most beautiful places on earth with a drink in your hands. Whether you prefer to stay in a tropical resort, enjoy hiking in the mountains or discover large cities, you will find the most beautiful paintings in our photography collection. This collection is therefore also very suitable wall decoration for outside!  

garden poster 

There is much more wall decoration for outside waiting for you! 

More wall decoration for outside to discover? watch here our entire collection or create your own paintings!