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A warm color interior creates a warm and cozy atmosphere. It is the ideal environment to relax in. An interior with warm colors gives you energy, has a positive influence on your mood and makes your guests feel welcome. An interior to make you happy. In this blog we highlight a number of colors for a warm interior and we give tips about which wall decoration fits well with that. 

Warm colors interior color red

The color red in you warm colors interior gives a sense of intimacy, love and passion. That is why red is perhaps often chosen for the bedroom. The color red can be combined well with beige and sand tones in a warm interior. For a darker look, red can be combined with black. Posters that go well with the color red are, for example Jordan Valley en Nude Mountains† Both have beautiful sand colors. In combination with our blacklists, you kill two birds with one stone.

warm colors interior

Warm colors interior color: orange

The color orange gives energy, stimulates creativity and helps your mood. The color orange therefore fits very well in, for example, an office or creative space. In a warm colors interior triptych fits with the color orange Boho Desert very good. 

warm colors interior

Read all about our triptych paintings in the blog: Create the look: triptych paintings. 

Contrasting colors

You can also opt for a contrasting color, such as blue. One of our designs that fits this is Golden Gate Bridge II. The bridge contrasts nicely with the clear blue sky. Sandbanks fits well in a warm interior due to both the neutral sand color and the blue of the water. 

 Warm colors interior

Warm colors interior color yellow

When you think of yellow, you quickly think of the sun. Who wouldn't be happy with that? One warm colors interior the color yellow gives the feeling of summer, happiness and, just like orange, also energy. For the perfect balance, combine yellow with basic shades such as grey, taupe and black in your interior. Ohara Koson - Great Cormorant fits this perfectly. Like Coast Sunset† The last print shows how beautifully warm tones go together with gray tones. 

Warm colors interior

Warm colors interior kcolor: terracotta 

The above colors are of course the primary warm colors, but also think of the color terracotta for you warm colors interior† A color that we still see a lot in interiors. The color has many different variants. It gives a very warm atmosphere but also peace. This color is best combined in your interior with light earth and sand colors, such as in Cream Arch en Painted Arch

warm colors interior

On the wall or on the wall

In your warm color interior you have the option to go for color all over your wall or you give your interior warmth by using warm colors in your accessories and wall decoration. Light warm colors can be combined well with brighter and darker colours. Do you want to add a lot of heat to the wall? Read our blog about large wall decoration: Large wall decoration as an eye-catcher in the house.

Buy your wall decoration for you warm colors interior nu

At Walljar we have more than 2000 designs from which you can choose for in your warm colors interior† Go for calm beige and sand tones in combination with a warm color on the wall for balance. Or use a contrasting color for extra impact.