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If we come from Rotterdam, don't you know that! You don't just hear it screaming from the real Rotterdammers, because even residents of surrounding villages regularly participate in it. It was once a bustling city where you could experience all kinds of things day and night, unfortunately this is a lot less with corona these days. But what to do in Rotterdam? We'll break it down for you!

Don't worry, Rotterdam is and remains the place to be, even in corona time. Not convinced? Here are 5 reasons why this is really the case. And for Rotterdam enthusiasts: we have the best Rotterdam graphic works listed, so that you can take the love for the city into your home.

1. Lockdown? No, Rotterdam is always alive 

Deserted streets, parks or other public places? Not really. That does not suit Rotterdam and even corona cannot do that. Rotterdam is alive, no matter where you go in Rotterdam! There is something going on everywhere, whether it is the market that is present every week or skaters who come together and practice the craziest tricks. Even when it was freezing, there was a lot of fun on the frozen water. This is what characterizes Rotterdam and that simply will not change. 

2. The hospitality industry helps you get out of that damned house and you help keep the hospitality industry going 

No, you really aren't as stuck in your house as you might think. Rotterdam is innovative and it shows; even in these times the city likes to keep you busy. There was the Gluhwalk010, the city walk010 and even a chip shop; all routes along restaurants, cafes and the coolest places in Rotterdam. Corona-proof of course! 

3. It really is a football city

How special were those times when all football fans could come together in the Kuip where you could jump and cheer with tens of thousands. Rotterdam was a city of football and it still is! Football matches are still going on and although we can no longer meet in the stadium, it is still possible to watch together and experience the feeling of togetherness. 

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4. You can still enjoy the great architecture 

 Rotterdam wall decoration What a beautiful city it is. The Erasmus Bridge, the center, the Oude Haven, the Cube Houses; Rotterdam is full of cool things architecture! Tired of sitting inside? Be a tourist in your own city for a day! There is still plenty to see and do. Would you like to take it a bit easier for a day? Rotterdam has dozens of parks. Do you know walking, rollerblading, sports, chilling ... In short, there is plenty to do. 

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5. The best spots to bring out your inner photographer 


Rotterdam is full of great photo locations and gems to shoot the most beautiful photos. From street art to special buildings and locations, Rotterdam has it all.

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Do you now know what to do in Rotterdam?

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