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William MorrisKnown for his special wallpapers, prints and rugs, he is the face behind the Arts and Crafts movement and has collaborated with several clothing brands. What exactly was it that makes this man so special? 

The life of William Morris

On March 24, 1834, . was William Morris born in Walthamstow, England. With a father who was a successful stockbroker, William and his siblings grew up wealthy that didn't even require them to work. But William was ambitious, he went to study classical languages ​​at university and there he met Edward Burne-Jones, a future painter. This meeting was also the beginning of a lifelong friendship. 

William began to resist industrialization and mass production more and more. Morris's ambitions lay in the art. In his opinion it was art not only to view, but also to use. From this are the well-known works of art origin: wallpapering, carpets, tiles, stained glass and furniture.

William studied languages ​​which made him next to his works of art was also good with words: he also wrote many poems and books. During all the work he did he met Jane Burden, the daughter of a local groomsman. William was completely enchanted by her. With her pale skin and copper-colored hair, he called her a 'living work of art'. In 1859 he married the girl and had two daughters: May and Jane Alice. 
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Morris & Co

Morris & Company was founded in 1861, William Morris his own company. Morris created his works of art in an authentic way and released furniture, stained glass and embroidery. In 1864 Morris released his first well-known wallpaper collections called Daisy, Trellis and Fruit. Also in the field of marketing Morris did not hold back: with stunning showrooms he tried to get as many customers as possible. 

William Morris however, had a great frustration. He made his creations with a lot of love, but only the rich could afford this and not the 'ordinary' workers, while he thought that art should be accessible to everyone. His attention went more to writing and published in the famous News from nowhere an article about 'a world without capitalism, industrialization and alienation, in which everyone art makes and can enjoy'.  

Morris died on October 3, 1896, presumably of tuberculosis. His doctor, however, described it as 'just being Morris, who has done more work than 10 men at a time'. Morris was also just a man who wanted to do and create as much as possible in his life with a lot of passion. 

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