William Morris poster

Do you want to give your house a warm and wintery look? That can easily be created with William Morris posters in this one photo wall. The rusty red colors supplemented with white tones will give a perfect atmosphere to your interior!

The color palette

This gallery wall mainly consists of real winter colors, so you see rusty red colors with cream and white tones. These colors immediately give a warm atmosphere in the house, so that you would prefer to sit on the couch by the warm fireplace!

The posters in this gallery wall

This warm, wintery photo wall consists of different William Morris poster with a complement of typography and line art posters. Below is an overview of all individual posters:

William Morris poster

William Morris poster Acorns and Oak Leaves

The design of the William Morris poster 'William Morris - Acorns and Oak Leaves' comes from 1880. The designer William Morris was one of the most important utopian thinkers of the 19th century. William Morris is therefore the founder of fantasy in art. 

William Morris poster

Touch Lips

This romantic poster of 'Touch Lips' let your wall really speak. The style used for this design is line art. If you like a minimalist style, this poster will suit you. Line art uses simple lines that represent something. With these posters you will certainly keep up with the trends in interior design at home!

Line art poster

William Morris poster Honeysuckle

On the 1876 design of the William Morris poster 'William Morris - Honeysuckle II' you see creeping flowers and entwined leaves in cream colors interspersed with green and orange. These colors fit in perfectly with the rest of the photo wall and let the photo wall become one whole.

William Morris poster

C'est La vie

A typographic poster can hardly be missed in a nice, well-thought-out gallery wall. The poster: 'C'est La Vie' show that life is what it is. 

Typography poster

William Morris poster Acanthus

You can find these rust-colored winter leaves on the William Morris poster 'William Morris - Acanthus '. This is one of our favorites from the collection and will make your home shine! 

William Morris poster

final touches

This photo wall can be nicely complemented by a colored wall in the background. Because neutral colors are often used, the gallery wall will stand out even more. In addition, pillows and blankets on the sofa or armchair always work well. Add some green tones by putting plants in the interior. And your warm winter interior is ready!

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