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Do you still have an empty, boring windowsill, but would you like to place something other than plants and vases? We will discuss 3 original window sill decoration ideas in this blog. A windowsill is of course not complete without some fun decoratie. Read on quick!

1. Create extra seat

Do you have a wide windowsill? Depending on the strength of this, this can be a nice option windowsill decoration be for you. Turn your windowsill into an extra seat! This is therefore the original function of the windowsill and of course also explains its name. Place a number of comfortable lounge cushions with decorative cushions on top. This is the ideal home workplace or a cozy corner to read your favorite book!
Window sill decoration

2. Place wall decoration as window sill decoration

Let your favorite designs come back as windowsill decoration. Ideal for even the smallest apartments! Wall decorations in the form of framed posters are easy to put up, and easy to replace if you want something different! Make sure that this wall decoration fits in well with the rest of the interior. Do you have a modern living room? Then abstract posters may be a good match for you. Below we explain a number of collections that are ideal for the living room:

Abstract art
Abstract art is a good addition for the living room, because this is a collection with calm colors and shapes. Abstract art is timeless and can be combined very well with almost any living style.

Photographic art
A beautiful photo really adds atmosphere to an interior. In this collection you can find forests, plants, flowers, beaches and much more. With these collections you bring a piece of nature into your home. Discover here what best suits your interior.

typography posters
A nice quote or quote is a perfect addition to the windowsill. Whether in the kitchen or living room; we have several options for you. Find your favorite now in the typography collection!

Window sill decoration

3. Bookshelf

A practical option for your windowsill is to use it as a bookshelf. This saves space in the living room because you have one less closet. You can place the books vertically next to each other and combine them with stacks of books. This gives a playful but clear effect. Place a large chair and a lamp near your windowsill so that there is enough light for reading in the evening. This way you have a nice cozy spot in and next to the windowsill!
Window sill decoration

4. Turn your windowsill into a bar

Do you have a high windowsill? Then this is a nice windowsill decoration idea for you. Create your own unique bar in the windowsill. A nice coffee corner or a corner for Friday evening drinks. Whatever you choose, it will certainly be very original! Place a bar that is wide enough to put your stuff on. Set up a number of bar stools and voila: your own coffee corner/bar. Now just invite some friends to come and have a cup of coffee or a drink!
Window sill decoration

Window sill decoration gained inspiration?

Have you gained new inspiration with this blog? Top! Then take a look at our wall decoration collections and turn your boring windowsill into a trendy place in the house.

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