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a white one living room: it is unique, but can turn out beautifully if you do it right. We give you a number of tips so that you can create the white living room of your dreams. View the white living room examples, get inspired and get started yourself! 

The different shades of white

Let's start from the different shades of white you can choose from for your white living room. For example, you have a cream-colored white (RAL9001) and white (RAL9010). Now there is an even whiter shade, which some hardware stores even call super white (RAL9016). This is really a bright white color. When you add a little bit of gray to white, you get white with a light gray undertone, which can be very refreshing in a white living room. Discover the different colors and think carefully with which shade of white you want your white living room want to create! 
White living room

The basis of a white living room

Before you get a white living room When you start furnishing, you start by creating a white, neutral base. Let's start with the walls. Preferably choose white walls, wallpaper or paint does not matter, as long as it is white. However, the floor does not necessarily have to be white. When you opt for a white floor, this can turn out very nicely, but keep in mind that this provides little contrast and can be very dominant in a white living room. Well it makes the one white living room a lot lighter and more spacious! A beautiful wooden floor creates just that little bit more atmosphere and contrast. If a wooden floor is too pricey, laminate or parquet is certainly worth considering.

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White living room

Furniture in one white living room

Go choose your furniture for you white living roomThen you can actually go in a lot of directions. An white living room using only white furniture is a bold choice, but can be very beautiful and unique. Certainly white furniture with shine gives a chic atmosphere in a white living room

Is this not quite your thing? Then choose furniture with color or a color combined with white. This provides more contrast in a white living room than just white furniture. Think of white in combination with beige, gray or warm wood colours. Also a black and white interior is very cool! 

Of course it is important that you choose furniture that you feel comfortable with. White, black, beige or a very cheerful color, it doesn't matter! It's your white living room and you have to set it up the way you want it. 
White living room

White living room make it cozy

A white living room can come across as a bit 'too white' and sterile. There are several ways you can white living room can make it more fun. We have listed a number of tips for you so that your white living room has a cozy atmosphere! 

1. Combine different materials

By combining materials and fabrics, your white living room exciting and playful. Think of a leather sofa with wool cushions, a side table made of plastic, wood or metal and other furniture made of materials such as rattan, leather and copper. These are materials that have a warm appearance, what a white living room can miss sometimes. This creates a cozy atmosphere. 

2. Add color

As we said, you can get a white living room furnishing with only white furniture, but sometimes adding color helps for just a little more atmosphere. Think carefully about which color you want to work with. Do you want a black and white interior, or do you want an accent color to come back? You can do this with, for example, pillows, rugs, candles and other frills. Pastel colors also go well with a white living room, and provide a pleasant and soft atmosphere. You can actually work with any color, since no color clashes with white. Easy! 

3. Plants, flowers and natural materials

Some plants here and there can't really miss in the interior, not even in a white living room. They provide contrast, create atmosphere and even wear comes with many benefits! Plants and flowers add just a little more color and ensure a lively white living room. Other natural materials such as bamboo and wood also provide warmth and cosiness. 

4. Wall decoration fitting in a white living room

Last but not least, wall decoration. An white living room you can really beautifully decorate with wall decoration! Soft colors like ours Abstract art, or black and white photography in our photography collection and so much more. Art gives a white living room character and is simply indispensable. 

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Are you ready for your white living room to create? 

We hope that you have gained enough inspiration and can get started with the help of our tips. Create a beautiful white living room the way you want it, the possibilities are endless! Still looking for unique decorations for you white living room? Discover our collections