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Self love: It's been a trend for a long time and we think it should stay a trend forever. What exactly does it mean? The terms self love and body positivity go hand in hand. Love yourself, embrace yourself. Accept that you are who you are, look the way you look and be okay with it. We want to support this with our women's posters from our collections!

The trend 'body positivity', or body positivity, refers to the claim that all people deserve to have a positive body image, regardless of how society and popular culture perceive its ideal shape, size, and appearance. 

How great would it be if we are all happy with ourselves? Love yourself, inside and out. Be proud of who you are and where you come from. We have the best women posters listed for you that help you to strengthen this feeling. 

female body wall decoration

Woman line art wall decoration The 'female bodyprint comes from the line art collectionWith simple lines is created a powerful image and emphasizes the beauty of the female body. Perhaps looking at women's posters will help increase confidence in yourself and your body - and think twice about criticizing it next time. 

Thinking woman wall decoration

Appreciating yourself and learning to love yourself is a process that you go through. The goal is not to go through life with full confidence every day. Accepting yourself as you are, that's where it starts. Just think about that! Look at the 'Thinking woman' print in the line art collection

Lotus flower wall decoration

There are multiple colors of lotus flowers. The pink lotus is the most common. If if you practice yoga, the flower may be depicted on your yoga mat!

The flower represents the soul and human growth. The roots in the mud indicate the beginning, when you are still unconscious. The stem symbolizes the path of life, which leads to the flower, consciousness. 

Lotus flower wall decoration Let this lotus flower print remind you that you are growing and let it motivate you to appreciate yourself. These women's posters are sure to hang nicely in your home. the 'Lotus flower'can be found in the Asia collection.

Afro women posters

The 'afro woman'print, from the line art collection. Let these women posters remind you that a black woman is beautiful, powerful and wonderful. This print emphasizes equality. That you should love yourself no matter where you come from and what the color of your skin is. Afro woman wall decoration

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