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You recognize it: you have a beautiful attic with a lot of potential, but now it is a messy loft where you do not come for pleasure. That is of course a sin! But how should you furnish your attic? With this step-by-step plan you can turn your attic into a fantastic place again!

Step 1: determine the purpose of the attic

A furnish the attic does not happen automatically. First, think about what you want to do with the attic. Will it be a functional space such as an office or bedroom, or do you want to turn it into a hobby room? The options are endless.

Tip! Read inspiration for what you can do with an extra space in your home.

Decorating the attic

Step 2: Make a plan

Now that you have a clear idea of ​​what the function of the attic will be, it is important that you make a plan. A furnish the attic without a plan takes a lot of unnecessary time and effort. It can be difficult to make a plan because of the sloping walls. What should you pay attention to? And what furniture and other attributes do you need to furnish the attic?

1. Make a map with what you want to put where. This is not exactly necessary, but it does give a clear picture of whether there is room for it.

2. Because you are dealing with sloping walls, it is important that you measure in advance how large the furniture can be. You also do not want a piece of furniture to be too large, because the attic will quickly look small.

3. What you see more and more these days are built-in wardrobes, so you make good use of the space, you can store a lot of things and it also looks tidy!
Decorating the attic

Step 3: Clean up the attic

Your furnish the attic can of course not be done before everything is cleaned up! This is probably something you've been putting off for a long time, but now that you've set the goal, made a plan, and ordered stuff for your attic, it's really time to clear out the attic. Put on your favorite music and just start cleaning up and throwing things away. Think of the ultimate goal that you will soon have a newly furnished attic room!

Step 4: Paint the attic

An attic can quickly feel like a small space due to the sloping walls. Therefore, paint the walls of these walls in a light color. When you apply a dark color, the room feels even faster as a smaller space. 

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Decorating the attic

Step 5: Decorate the attic

De furnish the attic has now really started! Take out all the furniture and attributes, and put it in the desired place. It is of course still possible to move around with the different furniture until you have found your perfect layout!

Step 6: Accessories

Now comes the funniest part! A room should not only look functional, it should of course also look attractive. You do this by adding accessories such as pillows, house plants or wall decoration. Precisely because the walls are often sloping, you can play with it.

Depending on the function of the attic, it is nice to choose a theme to decorate your room with. This one typographic posters Below fit nicely with any room and interior!
Decorating the attic

Step 8: Final check

A furnish the attic can be more tiring than you think, luckily you're done now! Look around again. Are you satisfied with all the furniture and accessories? Is everything in the right place? If not, you can of course change this. Are you satisfied? Congratulations on your attic, enjoy!

Decorating your attic is done in no time with the above tips!

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