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A black and white poster looks fantastic in the house. A black and white poster is an excellent fit for both the living room and the bedroom! In that regard, it is also a real trend to do nowadays. The posters are just getting back into it. Color isn't always everything!

A wonderful black and white poster from the USA

The designs of Classic Car Under A Palm Tree and Motel are typical American black and white posters that immediately remind you of America. 

Classic Car Under A Palm Tree

De classic car under a palm tree is a great example of what kind of cars there are in Hollywood. Americans love vintage cars and are only too happy to drive around in them. Especially with the beautiful weather in California, it is wonderful to drive around in a convertible along the beautiful palm trees.

Welcome to the Motel 

black and white poster

De black and white poster from the motel sign is very simple but immediately reminds everyone of Vegas. When you drive through the largest gambling city in the world you will come across hundreds of these signs. Vegas sometimes looks like a carnival attraction at night with all the colors and lights illuminating the city.

The many hotels in Vegas are often gigantic and very pricey. The hotels are sometimes even in the form of castles! Moreover, the hotel has gigantic swimming pools, fountains, terraces and of course a beautiful entrance. So if you like Las Vegas, this is it black and white poster really something for you!

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A black and white poster of women

The sexy ''Beach girl''

black and white poster

De Beach girl is a poster that breaks a lot of taboo and looks sexy. It shows the beautiful shape of the female body. It just emphasizes the fact that it's okay to show the beauty of your own body to the world without being ashamed of yourself. 

Tattoos for lovers

black and white poster

De Tattoos poster is really a poster showing that tattoos are on the rise these days and not as taboo as they used to be. The acceptance of tattoos is increasing these days and the stereotypes are slowly falling away. The art that the artist transfers to someone's body is certainly appreciated. 

Have you seen a nice black and white poster of VS?

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