Zwart-wit posters

The trend that will look good in everyone in the house, black and white posters. You can never go wrong with these timeless yet modern posters. Whether you make one, two or an entire gallery wall, your interior will definitely become trendy with black and white posters on the wall!

Contrast between black and white

Colors can enhance or weaken each other due to the influence that colors have on each other when you look at them. Black and white is also known as the dark-light color contrast. These two colors are the two biggest opposites of each other, yet they complement each other like no other. The colors reinforce each other, creating a bold effect when used in wall decoration!

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Black and white posters

Black and white posters collections:

We have a number of collections where the black and white posters come back a lot. Below we have highlighted a number of collections:


With the abstract black and white posters you are always good. These are very nice to hang as two paintings next to each other as a set. Leave the imagination to your family and friends who come by and you can come up with the most crazy objects together that the abstract painting can not imagine.


De photographic black and white posters are perfect for combining in a gallery wall. This way your gallery wall really comes to life and you show everyone where your interests lie. For example, you can choose from buildings, various Dutch and European cities or from objects such as cameras and pianos.


De typographic posters perfectly complement your interests in words. The posters with text can, for example, be a nice quote, quote or expression. This collection is also perfect for use in a gallery wall.

Black and white posters

Black and white posters in a gallery wall

In addition to a statement piece, black and white posters can also look great in a gallery wall. Follow the next steps to create your perfect photo wall to make:

Step 1: Choose your favorite posters

Do you already have an idea in your head of what the gallery wall should look like? Or do you need some inspiration? Then go to our photo walls page and maybe there is a nice photo wall for you!

Step 2: Lay out the composition on the floor

This step is especially practical! Start with the largest poster and place it somewhere in the middle, surround the smaller posters in a nice composition around this! We recommend keeping about 5-10 centimeters between the posters. 

Step 3: Hang it up!

Now it's time to hang the framed posters. Mark the center of the picture hook with a pencil and tape measure to hang all the frames neatly. Fasten the frame with a hammer and nail or with a drill and screw. And voila, you have your own unique photo wall made.
Black and white posters

Black and white posters buy at Walljar

In addition to the featured posters, we of course have a much wider range of products black and white posters. Discover the entire wall decoration collection here.