Collectie uitgelicht: zwarte fotolijsten - Walljar

New in our collection are the black photo frames! We can now offer a frame in almost any poster format. This blog explains what the lists look like and which ones are available.

A beautiful list in every size

We offer different sizes black photo frames so that each poster is easy to hang. Below you can find a list:

The suspension system of the black photo frames

There are two different suspension systems for the black photo frames. The frames of 13 x 18 cm and 20 x 30 cm have a sturdy easel stand to place it on flat surfaces, this can be done both horizontally and vertically. This frame opens by pushing the metal clips open sideways.

All other sizes of photo frames have two metal hangers on the back so that you can hang the frame both horizontally and vertically. The frame opens by pushing the metal clips open sideways. black photo frames

The material of the photo frames

De black photo frames are made of plastic material and have a glass plate. We opted for a glass plate because it looks more chic than a plexiglass plate. Please note that the framed poster is hung properly as it is slightly heavier than plexiglass. black photo frames

Must read: read in this blog how best to hang a framed poster.

Passe partout in a photo frame

A cardboard passe partout is supplied with all black photo frames. This allows you to frame your poster. Don't you want such a thick and striking passe partout? Request a custom design in which our designers place an extra white border in the design. Contact us at, via live chat or call:+3110-2613977.

black photo frames

Inside and outside dimensions

For each size, the description indicates what the inside and outside size of the black photo frames are. Keep this in mind when buying a poster. Buy the poster in the inside format! Are you still looking for a nice poster for your list? View the entire poster collection from Walljar now!

Tip! Make your own photo wall with Walljar's posters. If you have hung the posters using the black photo frames, they are also very easy to replace if you want a new look at home. Our posters are printed on high quality photo paper and have a matte appearance.

Prefer no blacklist? No problem! 

In addition to our black photo frames, we also offer wooden poster hangers. The poster hangers immediately give your poster a great look and are ideal for hanging your poster. These poster hangers have small magnets on the inside of the wood. This way you can easily hang the poster without damaging it. The poster hangers are available in the following sizes:

black photo frames

black photo frames easy ordering at Walljar

Frame your poster with a photo frame? First choose a nice poster and order yours black photo frames now at Walljar.