Beroemde schilders

You heard it right! With more than 125 new paintings in our famous painters collection, we have made a huge expansion in our range. A number of works by great masters such as Gustav Klimt and Claude Monet are included (and are definitely worth checking out!). In addition, we also have something new painters can add to the Walljar collection. We would like to present you four painters that you may not know yet!

Furuya Korin

The first painter we can proudly add to our collection is Furuya Korin. He was an important Japanese artist of the late Edo period. Korin is best known for his highly refined ukiyo-e woodblock prints, which depict daily life in Japan with great attention to detail. The artist began his career as a painter, but he soon turned to woodcuts and developed his own unique style. His prints were very popular during his lifetime and helped spread the popularity of ukiyo-e in Japan and beyond. Today, Korin's work is highly valued by collectors and scholars. His prints are recognized as some of the finest examples of ukiyo-e art, and they continue to inspire new generations of artists. We have 9 cool prints of his work. Check them out here!Famous painters

Emile-Alain Seguy

The second newcomer to our famous painters' collection is Emile-Alain Séguy. This man was a French graphic artist who was born in 1907. He is best known for his work in the Art Nouveau style, and his use of bright colors and geometric shapes. He also made a number of illustrations for books and magazines. Séguy started his career as a commercial artist, working in advertising and design. He became interested in the art nouveau style after seeing the work of Alphonse Mucha. He began experimenting with this style in his own work, soon developing a unique approach to it. His use of bright colors and geometric shapes set his work apart from other artists working in the same style. With 19 special art nouveau style prints, Séguy makes a statement in the new collection. Curious? Check them out here!Famous painters


Hokusai was one of the most important artists of Japan's Edo period. His work had a major influence on Western art, especially the Impressionists and Post-Impressionists. Vincent van Gogh, for example, was strongly influenced by Hokusai's prints and incorporated elements of his style into his own work. 

He was born in Tokyo in 1760 and his father was a mirror maker. As a boy, Hokusai was apprenticed to a woodcarver and printmaker. He started working in the popular ukiyo-e style, like Furuya Korin, which focused on depictions of the everyday life of the urban classes.

Hokusai's career really took off in 1809, when he published his first major work, The Great Wave off Kanagawa. This print, which depicts a huge wave about to hit the shore, with Mount Fuji in the background, is one of the most famous images in Japanese art.

Hokusai continued to make prints and paintings throughout his life, and his work remained popular even after his death. His paintings continue to influence artists around the world. Bring the Japanese atmosphere into your home with his iconic paintings!

Famous painters

Maurice Pillard Verneuil

Maurice Pillard Verneuil was a French painter who was born in 1869. He is best known for his Post-Impressionist landscapes and portraits. Maurice started his artistic career as an engraver, but he soon turned to painting full-time. His early work was heavily influenced by the Barbizon school of painting.

In the 1890s, Maurice began to experiment with brighter colors and strong brushstrokes, which led him towards an impressionistic style. He also began painting outdoor scenes, rather than the studio interiors popular at the time. In the early 1900s, Maurice moved away from Impressionism and developed his own unique Post-Impressionist style.

Maurice's work was well received by the art world, and he had a successful career. Shop his botanical and other cool prints here !Famous painters

Famous painters 

Now that you have read about the new names in our collection, you are of course very curious about the rest of the new designs… ;) 

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