Zwart wit fotokunst

New York, New York baby! This week we're highlighting a gift photo wall in front of you with black and white photo art. Do you want to give your interior a timeless, urban look? Then read on quickly!

The urban living trend

The industrial, urban look is a huge trend, taking a lot of inspiration from the city where this trend is perhaps greatest, New York. Due to the enormous versatility of this metropolis in architecture, fashion and design, these elements have come together in interior design. It is impossible to imagine life without magazines and blogs without it. Clean lines, neutral colours, and especially the contrast between minimalism and a somewhat rougher finished industrial look. This one fits this style black and white photo art that's why it's so good, because it compliments the color palette and gives your interior a hint of this cool city. The wall consists of:

Smoke II - 20 x 30 centimeters

Be Present - 20 x 30 centimeters

Empire State Building - 60 x 90 centimeters

Don't Wait - 30 x 45 centimeters

Newspaper - 40 x 60 centimeters

New York - Chrysler Building - 20 x 30 centimeters

Skater Boy - 20 x 30 centimeters

Smoke II

This cool poster is part of our black and white photo art collection with white line art. This variant of a young man with a cigarette is very suitable for this gallery wall, but also cool on his own. It gives a cool addition to the wall, and because of the line art, dhe photo broken up in an artistic way.
Black and white photo art

Be Present 

Be Present. An important, short quote that not only reminds you to live in the moment, but also adds some minimalism to this gallery wall. This poster is from our typography collection, and breaks the black and white photo art wall with its white background. 
Black and white photo art

Empire State Building

The most famous building in The Big Apple, and also the first building ever with more than 100 floors, is the Empire State Building. Located in the heart of Manhattan, this giant has become an icon of the city. Fun fact: the skyscraper has about four million visitors every year! The poster of the building is a cool statement piece in itself, but of course an indispensable centerpiece of this black and white photo art wall!
Black and white photo art

Don't Wait

“If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere, that's what they say”. The mindset of New Yorkers and those moving to the city is motivated and hardworking. Waiting won't get you anywhere, and take every chance you can to make your dreams come true. This motivational text, also from the typography collection, is therefore the perfect poster to add to this New York gallery wall, and also fits loosely into any interior.
Black and white photo art


Even though the newspapers have almost completely disappeared from our streets, this vintage photo from the 70s of a New York businessman with the latest version of the newspaper is a picture. The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and The New York Post are newspapers that are known worldwide, and are therefore quite a statement piece in the city. This one poster is a nice addition to the rest of the gallery wall.
Black and white photo art

New York - Chrysler Building

The first building in the world to rise more than 300 meters, and dominate the New York skyline, is the iconic Chrysler Building. The example of classic Art Deco architecture, which is seen by people as the most beautiful building in the metropolis. On every wall, in combination with and without the rest of these featured black and white photo art wall, it will be a wonderful addition to any interior.
Black and white photo art

Skater boy

Tourists, locals, both ensure that New York has a rich skate culture. The whole world was brought to the city from California in the 80s, and especially in neighborhoods like Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan, it became hugely popular in the 00s. Skaters have become an integral part of the city's streetscape and add to the city's urban feel. This poster of a skateboarder will therefore also be a good last addition to this one black and white photo art wall!
Black and white photo art

Bring New York into your own home!

Spontaneously felt like booking a flight to New York? Don't forget that you have all these black and white photo art you can shop with us! Put together your own photo wall or shop individual photos, both are at least cheaper than a plane ticket ;)

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