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Buy posters online

Our collection is full of high-quality posters, the posters are printed by us in Rotterdam on 160 grams poster paper. The posters have a matte appearance, which gives it an exclusive look. The framed posters are nicely framed in a black aluminum frame. The framed posters are available in small sizes from 13 x 18 cm to a framed poster of 70 x 100 cm. Posters are always a good idea to fill up your interior!

Canvas paintings

In addition, all our designs are also available on a beautiful canvas painting. We print the designs on a 4 cm thick canvas with a 12-colour digital print. This gives the canvas painting a matte finish. The canvas is stretched around a wooden frame so that you can easily hang the wall decoration. A canvas painting is a classic in the world of wall decoration and looks great in any interior!

Plexiglass paintings

Do you prefer wall decoration without a frame? Then a plexiglass painting is for you! We print the design on 3 mm plexiglass with a UV printer. This gives the plexiglass painting a glossy finish. You can easily hang the painting with the supplied spacers. We have small plexiglass paintings of 30 x 45 cm to large plexiglass paintings of 150 x 225 cm!

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