Walljar is the first organization in the world to pay recurring revenue to holders of their NFTs

Are you interested in the world of NFTs? Then Walljar has something for you! With Walljar's NFTs you acquire the lease right to the design and with every sale of this design you can receive 10% of the order value excluding VAT. receive. Want to know how this works? Read on quick!

What is an NFT?

A non-fungible token is a unique copy that sits on a piece of blockchain. It can therefore no longer be replaced by another item. In other words, the holder has a non-exchangeable, irreplaceable digital certificate of ownership.
Collective collections of digital pictures or works of art in the form of so-called NFTs (non-fungible tokens) have become extremely popular in the past year. gives you a unique opportunity to own a design.
We have about 26.000 unique designs on and we also sell on about 30 marketplaces, various webshops and physical stores all over the world.
We would like to link a reward system (in the form of sales royalties) to the holder. This ensures that a holder gets value for money.” You actually create passive income by owning the NFT.

How does it work?

Actually quite simple. Through OpenSea  you can find a number of designs as NFT from us. We will expand this further in the coming months. You can purchase one of the NFTs via the OpenSea platform. The holder of such an NFT actually holds the 'lease right' of the design. We sell this design through our webshop, affiliated marketplaces and other stores all over the world.

As soon as an order comes in to us (through whatever channel), the holder will receive 10% of the order value. We deposit this neatly into the Wallet of the holder of the NFT. The holder of the NFT can also sell his design to another person, whereby the lease right is transferred to another party. He or she will then automatically receive the compensation from us on his or her Wallet.

In addition, you can see an NFT as an investment. If the demand for our NFTs grows, the price will also rise. You put the profit from the sale in your own pocket. Unfortunately, you do sell the right of the royalties to the new owner. Are you going to keep or sell a design?

What does Walljar hope to achieve with this?

In addition to ambassadors among the holders, who we hope will promote us further, we also see this as a bridge to a new target group. Since we are the only ones who reward our holders in this way, I think we could be of great interest to holders of the NFTs. For every sale of the design, a holder creates passive income for himself. The extra attention for our brand is of course a plus, and we also hope to be able to reach a larger target group with this.

How do I get an NFT from Walljar?

buy NFT on OpenSea → Obtain your lease right → With every sale, the NFT holder receives 10% of the order value excluding VAT. → Deposited by Walljar on the Wallet of the NFT holder

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